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            Knowledge is power. Need more information? Wondering where you should go for support services and which organizations may be helpful? Looking for relevant podcasts, documentaries, or blogs? Perhaps the printed page via hardcover, paperback or electronic reader is more your style. Resources has something for everyone.

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            Youve survived the shock of a breast cancer diagnosis, made decisions on treatments options, kept countless appointments, undergone procedures, and taken medications. Youve finished your treatments for breast cancer. Now what? Learn more about where you go from here.

            What you need to know about follow-up care

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            You hear the words, I am sorry to tell you that you have breast cancer.

            What do I do next?

            Youre left with questions: What do I do next? Will I need surgeryradiationchemotherapy? Do I need other tests? What stage is my breast cancer? What are my options? Find answers to those and other questions you may have here.

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            japanese momentum日本

            What you need to know.

            Youve met your surgeon. You need an operation. You also need answers to your growing list of questions: What should I expect? What questions should I ask? What should I do to get ready? Is there a checklist? Will I need special medications before surgery, after surgery? Will I need to make any special arrangements? Learn how you can make the process before, during, and after surgery easier for you and your family.

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